Magical Music For Your Show.
How To Make A Magical Soundtrack For Your Show.

The information in this book will a great help for:
  • illusionists
  • magicians    
  • clowns
  • hypnotists
  • jugglers
  • performers in other genres
  • stage and circus directors
  • theatre and circus groups
  • dancers and dancing groups
  • sportsmen who use musical illustrations and their coaches
  • choreographers
  • those who work with audio tracks in radio, TV and cinema,
  • those who want to control the artistic process of recording audio tracks themselves.
  • This eBook will show you the shortest way to independence as a performer while demonstrating your artistic skills.

  • This eBook will help you improve the impact of your performances!

  • It's written for everyone who wants to improve their skills as an entertainer.

  • Learn how to create amazing soundtracks from scratch.

  • Make fascinating audio tracks to enhance your performances.

  • The author presents valuable information in a clear, easy to understand format.

  • Turn any collection of musical compositions into a matchless and unique soundtrack of your own.

There are vast numbers of e-books available on the internet, on every possible subject. The most popular ones are those that show the readers how to make the largest possible profit out of their business.

It's understandable that this subject is vital, since we all want to make a profit. In order to make money one has to sell something: some goods, a service or an idea. You can sell cars, handkerchiefs, e-books, lipsticks, music, paintings, performances or whatever  it is demanded by the customers.

In entertainment, as in any other field, one has to have a high quality product in order to sell it at a profit. It can be a theatre, a circus or a variety performance, or a magic show with a series of tricks.

  • The skills that you will get after reading this book will help you create a professional soundtrack for your show in minimal time and with minimal effort.

  • The  eBook is not about composing music, instead it tells you the basic steps in sound engineering. The basics in selecting, editing and using music to create an audio track suitable for a theatre, circus or any other kind of live performance.

Author's note:

It was a few years ago I was in Berlin where I had come to take part in one of the large festivals.

I had to select and put together some music in a certain sequence for my show.

The organizers asked me to make some changes in the order of my performance. Therefore I was forced to re-record the music to match the new sequence.  A bystander offered to help me. He had a good computer, some musical equipment and instruments at home.

I explained that I wanted to copy music from CDs, change its order and re-record it on another CD.

In about 45 minutes I had a newly burned CD-R with all the necessary music recorded exactly in the order I needed.  This guy really took the initiative. He added an announcement in German to the beginning of my CD.  Then he added some fascinating background music. The recording was really great! My show was a great success.

The guy asked 100 German marks for his work. That was a bargain price! I would have to pay several times more if I had gone to a professional recording studio.

The problem was that I never needed that CD again after that festival, because every new location that I went to had its own circumstances which I had to adapt to and make a new recording. I think many performers have found themselves in similar situations.

I have found a method of recording that will save you a lot of time and money.

You too can become independent of recording studios!

After reading this book you will master the knowledge that is guaranteed to help you in achieving real independence. You will no longer have to go to a recording studio or to other experts to record your audio tracks. It is only during the course of work that you discover imperfections and rough edges that interfere with your performance. You can continue editing your audio tracks until you feel that you have achieved the best possible result.

What you need is:
a PC computer, a few sound-processing programs and this book.

Using simple examples you will learn to use the computer and software to create a unique soundtrack for your professional needs.

In a short period of time you will learn how to control the whole creative process dealing with music recording.

Normally it can take years to discover the best combinations and learn how to do everything yourself.

This book will teach you to do it all in the shortest possible time and with a minimum of effort.

The audience must be 100% satisfied with your show and their only regret will be that the show is over. You must be able to make you audience shout:  "We want more!"

I have done my best to explain what I have learned, accumulated and tested over a long period of time. I believe that everyone who is searching for answers to their questions about recording audio tracks can find them in this book.

The advice offered in this book has been tested many times, and is guaranteed to give you a 100% success rate.

After reading this book you will be able to do just about everything you want with your audio recordings.


You can download this book right now, directly to your computer and it will be yours to keep!

In time, updated and renewed versions of this book will be released aimed at creating the most extensive source of information to help artists in their independent sound recording work.

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