PRACTICAL MENTAL MAGIC by Theodore Annemann - eBook in PDF format

A classic book that has been referenced by the great magicians of past and present. Anyone who performs mental feats of magic needs this book, in their library. Chapters include: Publicity Effects, Book Tests, Envelope Necromancy, Slate Routines, Blindfold Reading, Psychic Codes and much more. Lots of illustrations.

1st edition, 1944, Holden's Magic Shop, New York; reprinted 1983 with new title "Practical Mental Magic", by Dover Publications, New York; 310 pages.

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Outstanding collection of nearly 200 crowd-pleasing mental magic feats (requiring no special equipment). Author offers insider’s tips and expert advice on techniques, presentation, diversions, patter, staging and all else needed to make any trick a foolproof success. Lucidly written, thoroughly diagrammed book by one of magic’s legendary figures.

The included routines encompass 12 major categories:

Effects with Billets and Pellets - basically the mentalist reveals what is written on a small piece of paper.
Publicity effects - some effects supposedly especially suitable when dealing with the media.
Dead or Alive - basically the spectator writes a name and you reveal it.
Book Tests - a spectator decides upon a word in a book and you read his mind.
Thought Foretold
Envelope Necromancy - various routines involving envelopes, a popular item among mentalists.
Miscellaneous Mental Masterpieces
Miracle Slate Routines - small old-fashioned "school board" slates where messages appear etc.
Money Mentalism
Blindfold Reading - blocking your vision and still getting info.
Mentalism with Cards - finding chosen playing cards.
Psychic Codes - Secret communication for two people using what Corinda calls "minor codes"

These and scores of other crowd-pleasers are here, each thoroughly explained and diagrammed, with insider's tips on techniques, staging, patter, plants and confederates, diversions-everything you need to make any trick a fool-proof success. No special equipment is required; just traditional magic props and a willingness to learn from one of magic's legendary figures. Although written for professional magicians, the step-by-step detail, clarity and inclusiveness of this collection, along with the author's intimate knowledge of the stage performer's needs, make this a volume that will benefit magicians at every level of expertise.

Table of contents:

7. Bert Reese Secrets
11. Billet Switching
13. A Question and the Answer
15. The Al Baker 3 Billet Trick
16. A Day in Your Life
18. The Germain Gem
20. Tervil
22. Mental Hat Pin
24. Devil Device
26. The O. M. Billet Switching Box
28. The Ghost of a Chance
29. Crystal Clear

30. Mindreading Publicity Effect
31. News Event Prediction
32. The Unknown Subject
33. Publicity Stunt
33. On the Wire
35. Wired Thought
35. The Impression Moderne
36. A Cute Publicity Stunt
36. Death Flight
37. Impromptu Vision
38. A Neat Publicity Trick
39. Television Compact
40. Graphology

42. From Beyond the Grave
43. Two Papers and a Spectator
45. More Living Than Dead
45. Dead or Alive
47. The Secret
48. Dr. Daley's Death Divination
48. The Ghost Hand
49. Dead!
50. Hades Calling!
50. Nyctalopia
51. Entity Alone

53. Between the Lines
54. The Yogi Book Test
56. The Perfect Book Test
57. Whim of Tituba
59. Dice and a Book
60. The World on the Page
61. Monk's Mystery
62. The Double Ad Test
64. Symmyst
66. Behind That Door
68. 20th Century Newspaper Test
69. The Jaipur Jinnee
71. 40,000 Words
73. Another Dictionary Effect
75. David P. Abbott's Book Test

77. Pocket Prophecies
78. Contruction of the Annemann's Billet Index
80. The Original Effect
81. Lady and Gentleman
81. The Omega Card Prophecy
82. Orville Meyer's Twin Prediction
83. The Improved Buckley Method
84. Annemann's Ballot Box Divination
86. Tomorrow's Card

89. Sefalaljia
93. Telethot
96. The Astral Shirt
97. Impromptu Frame-Ups
100. The Phantom Artist
102. Travel Thought
103. Taps!
104. Finger-Finger
105. Lock and Key
106. Telepathy on the Cuff
106. Number Thot
107. The New Half and Half
109. Horrors
111. Black Pin Idea
111. Voodoo
113. Encore Voodoo
115. Krazy Kode
116. Operator Calling
116. Divination with Matches
117. Calendar Conjuring
119. Date Sense
120. Shades of Sherlock Holmes
121. Triumph of the Triumvirate
124. Prophetic Tissue
125. Ball of Fortune

127. My Own Swami Test
129. Triple Coercion
130. Modernized Reading
132. Pseudo-Psychometry
133. Modernizing the "One Ahead" Principle
137. An Original Faked Envelope
139. Bluebeard's 7 Wenches
141. Just and Echo
144. Who Killed Mr. X?
147. The Astral Ad
150. Re-incarnation
152. Prediction
153. Dark Sorcery

155. The Perfect Club Slate Routine
157. Extra Sensory Perception
159. Notaria
161. A Torn Letter
163. Headline Hunter
165. Psychic Slate Test
166. The Gysel Slate
168. Before Your Eyes
170. Walter Gibson's Method
170. Phantom Hand
172. Ultra Slate Message
173. The Answer
175. Never Fail
176. Ultra Addition
178. Sacred Script
180. Tribal Try
182. Duo Telepathy
183. Slate Immortality
184. Half and Half
187. Numero
189. The Super Slates
190. Gabbatha
191. Ghost Writer
192. Nonpareil
194. My Case
196. 20th Century Slate Test
196. The Schoolbag
198. Knockout
199. A Slate and a Number
200. Ghost Writer
202. Thought Rays
203. Fatal Number
204. Familiar Spirit
206. The Psychic Slate
206. A Thought-out Thought
207. Psychic Type
209. Mixed Mystery
211. Chalk on Metal Slates Tip

212. Controlled Currency
215. A Mentalist with Money
216. Dollar Bill Switch
217. Mystic Perception
218. Pay Day
219. Numismatigic
220. The Knickel of Kanadah
221. Dates
222. Duplex Date Reading
224. Par-Optic Vision
226. New Sheet Reading
228. The Mystery of the Blackboard
229. In the Mind
233. With Sight Unseen
234. Mephisto Thot

237. Magic vs. Mentalism
239. A Card to Be Thought About
239. Mind or Muscle?
241. Yggdrasil
244. Secret Order of the Aces
245. Parallel Thoughts
246. Volition
248. Waiting Place for Unknown Thoughts
249. The Brain Wave Deck
251. I'll Read Your Mind
252. A Peculiar Happenstance
253. You and Yours - Me and Mine
254. Parade of the Lamas
256. The Twin Princess
258. Cherchez La Lady
258. Open Minds
260. Forced Prognostico
262. The Dream of a Hermit
263. Mystic Matching
265. Mental Rescue
266. Copy Cat
267. Ghostatic Touch
268. The Guidance of Fate
269. Hypnosthesia
271. Mental Numbers
273. As in a Mirror Darkly
275. New $1000 Test Card Location
276. Utility Routine
278. Only on Image
280. Crystal-Viso
281. "Before Your Eyes" Business Card
281. Controlled Luck
282. A Mental Test Revamped
283. Diabolical Influence

286. Weird Wire
289. Thoughts in the Air
291. The Eyes Have It
292. A Practical Card Code
294. Complete Silent Thought Transmission Act
300. A New Method of Tabulation
301. Moonlight Madness
309. Hit Parade

Comments from people who have read this book:

Outstanding in it's time.
Ted Annemann is still considered one of the greatest Mentalists to have taken the stage. Within this volume you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of ideas. Annemann was one of the most prolific and original inventors of magic effects in his short life. If "13 Steps to Mentalism" is the bible of mentalism, Practical Mental Magic is the Dead Sea Scrolls. The only down side to this excellent book is its antiquity, and may require some updating to work with more sophisticated modern audiences.

Wow this book was written in 1944
I'm pretty sure any good magician would put this book as a must have, it probably is a bible but ... Although most of the tricks are good not even the typeface used is new, is like reading a manuscript written in a typewriter, with a few, hand drawn illustrations. It makes it heavy to read after a while. Too dense for me, I prefer a more graphical, photograph intensive book.

Good Book to Realise How Mentalism Tricks are Performed
This very popular book shows you how some mentalism tricks are performed through the use of additional hidden objects. Covers mind-reading, spiritual effects, etc... and making them LOOK REAL !! But a couple tricks are sort of outdated because the audience is becoming more demanding and intelligent and may be able to guess what exactly going on. For example, writing words in a special way and by "erasing" part of these words/numbers reveal a specific message.
Overall it is a worthy book considering that it is not expensive, easy-to-understand and the sort of book that the conjurer would not want you to know about.

One of the two mentalism Bibles
This, along with Corinda's "13 Steps to Mentalism" is an absolute essential for anybody that wants to get into the art of mindreading. It covers all of the main ruses, and Anneman's work with Billets is, in my opinion, unparalleled. Some effects are somewhat dated (i.e. some effects encorporate the "magician's force", which is now widly known by the layman), but considering it was first published in 1944 this is to be expected.
Beautifully written and compiled, and very cheap for the amount that you have to work with.
An absolute must.

Amaze your friends, fool your family and stump the dog!
With this book and 13 Steps to Mentalism you could start your own religion.

The book is literally packed with excellent routines and techniques, most of which require little or no sleight of hand skills. The variety of material contained is wonderful also. From billets to cards to envelopes to codes to blind-folds to money routines. Just get it! You won't be sorry.


by Theodore Annemann

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