202 METHODS OF FORCING by Theo Annemann eBook in PDF format

Originally written in 1931 by Theodore Annemann as 101 Methods of Forcing, this book was rewritten by the author two years later.


I want to say right at the start that I am not claiming any originality for the contents of this manuscript. In a number of instances I think I have added some forces and methods that are my own, but it would be hard to prove because of the sameness in basic principles.

In my professional work I found that many times I had need of a good force and on the spur of the moment it was hard if not impossible for me to think of the most suitable method for the conditions under which I was working. I know that this is a situation in which every worker has found himself, and because of that I know just how useful this compilation will be.

It was over a year ago when Arthur Lloyd, the Human Card Index, whose name and act (the only one of its kind) has graced practically every vaudeville theatre in the world, spoke to me about the usefulness of a complete compilation on the subject of forcing. I immediately agreed, and for one year have picked up and filed every possible method that I could locate. I know well enough that the collection is not complete. No collection of anything pertaining to Magic is complete insofar as methods go. But I do know that this is the first time such a collection has been offered and therefore I have done my best to make it as representative as possible.

If there are more than 101 methods between the covers of this work, don't thank me for being generous. You are getting everything that I have filed and without counting them I selected the title because it looks good on paper and sounds well. There are no less than 101 methods in all so I have not fallen below the mark, which to me is something.

Introductions should be short and to the point. I fear that I have already said a little too much that is or will be of little interest to the reader who would rather delve into the secrets.

So thanks again, Arthur Lloyd, for the idea that has grown into 101 Methods of Forcing.

Theo. Annemann.
April 12, 1932


I suppose that it is alright for the writer to attach two introductions by himself even though it may not be done as the usual thing.

Nearly two years have passed since I laboriously turned out the original 101 manuscript, which, though a disgrace to make Gutenberg turn over in his grave, did pave the way to this more extensive and (thanks only to Max Holden) much better appearing product.

That makes it about three years since Arthur Lloyd gave me the idea of compiling such a collection. Time does fly but after the first one hundred and fifty methods were together, time didn't mean a thing because there just seemed to be no more. The last fifty-two were the greatest struggle I've ever had and as far as I am concerned, the mention of the word "force" is now known to put me in a pretty dangerous frame of mind.

I must thank Jean Hugard here for invaluable help inasmuch as he dug up about 25 of the later additions and it was a great help indeed. Otherwise I can't give any credit out, not just because it doesn't seem to be done anymore, but because such a thing is impossible and would start some sort of a riot, I am sure.

A year from now I'll probably remember it all as a lot of fun. Right now I can only send it out with a prayer and thanksgiving that I have finished.

November 28, 1933 Theo. Annemann.


I have found it next to impossible to actually classify every method because it would mean cross indexing practically everything I have written.

In separating them under four headings I have placed Cards in general, Prepared decks for forcing, Numbers and Miscellaneous by themselves which is something if not everything.

Practically all of the number methods can be used in some manner with book tests. Name and word methods come under the same heading and combine in many cases with those used for cards. Then there are novel methods which use apparatus well known to magicians and common objects to be found most everywhere.

Under one of the headings you will find the particular method you need at the moment. And if you have need of a force that can't be solved by this compilation, I certainly will go on record as saying that as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't exist.

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