The Red and Black Mystery

Remember the Magician's Code:
1. DON'T reveal the secret of a trick. Even to you best friend!
2. DON'T perform the same trick twice before the same audience!
3. DON'T do any trick until you have practiced and perfected it thoroughly!
4. DON'T knock other magicians. Do unto them as you would have them do unto you!



Performer steps forward with a pack of cards in its case and a small magnet.

He hands the cards to a spectator for a shuffling.

After the deck is given a thorough shuffle, performer calls attention to the magnet witch he holds in his hand.

"This is a magic magnet," he says.
"It not only is attracted to iron and steel, but also by the color red. Permit me to demonstrate this remarkable phenomenon."

This said, magician places deck behind his back, and with his other hand touches the magnet to the cards.

He brings out the cards one at a time and lays them face down on the table in two piles.

After all the cards have been laid out, performer turns them face up, showing all the reds in one pile, all the blacks in the other.


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The Red and Black Mystery

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The Red and Black Mystery
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