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Magical instant appearance of a rabbit

This illusion is extremely easy to build and easy to present.
You can show this trick alone or with a partner as your  assistant.


This small box is taken out onto the stage.
If you are working with an assistant, they can hold the box in their hands. If you're working alone, place the box on a table or chair.
Open the front doors of the box so that spectators can see it is completely empty.


Inflate a balloon and push it half into the box.


When the balloon bursts, a rabbit appears in the box. Of course you can use a duck, a dove or other small size pet such as a kitten or a puppy.


Instant appearance 
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The secret of this trick is explained. There are instructions on how to make the main components of this trick with a detailed drawing showing all sizes in inches and centimeters.
There are 9 color illustrations showing you what to do.
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Magical instant appearance of a rabbit
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