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  The Self Folding Bill

A miracle in the palm of your hand!

A dollar bill is removed from your pocket and laid on your palm.

Suddenly.. the bill begins to move!

More than just move.. it folds itself one way and then the
other until it has folded itself up completely!

"Why don't YOU become the world's greatest magician? "
- Howard Stern

Take it everywhere! You can use any bill!

Every detail of the trick is clearly explained with full color photos and concise, helpful instructions.

You'll be able to perform this fantastic effect in no time at all.. It really is very easy to do.
Fold Itself Bill Magic Trick

Download Price: Just $9.99

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Full resale rights to the e-Book!

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Between photos, layout and design work it could cost you in excess of $500 to publish a high quality e-Book such as this. Not to mention endless hours of your time. But I've taken care of all that so you can get right to the good part.. the sales!

A copy of this website for you to use!

What better way to sell the trick than with the same website that made you want it? You can sell the e-Book from any site you want, but why reinvent the wheel? Take my site.. please!

You'll have the rights to all my graphics, text and of course that great animation! A website like this could cost over $1000. But I'm giving you a copy of this one to help you get started right away!

And I'm also including this FREE BONUS!

From a magician who's magic is performed by David Copperfield..
Read minds just like a psychic
This amazing trick will make them think you have the power of ESP

A spectator selects one of the four aces from their own deck under the fairest conditions.

You never even touch their cards and yet you are able to reveal their chosen ace! This may be one of the strongest tricks you will ever do!

Get ready to start blowing people's minds!

"Steve Fearson is one of the most creative people I have had the
pleasure of working with.. his ideas are fresh and original"
- David Copperfield -

Fool your friends! Meet women!

Every detail of the trick is clearly explained with full color photos and concise, helpful instructions.

You'll be performing this fantastic effect within 30 minutes of downloding it . . I guarantee it!
Fearson's Aces Magic Trick

You'll have the distribution rights to this fantastic bonus trick too! It's a professional mindreading trick from an inventor who's magic is performed by David Copperfield, Steve Fearson. You will absolutely love it.. and so will your visitors. This trick is included absolutely
FREE when you buy the Fold Itself Bill package for only $9.99

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